Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Different New Year’s Resolution

Rather than come up with a list of strict dos and don't for the new year, I have decided to try something different.

I came up with this list after reading several articles on they way we talk to ourselves and when I saw a sign that said "Would you be friends with someone who spoke to you the way you spoke to yourself?" It got me thinking.

I promise I will:
  • Write down one thing I accomplished each day, no matter how small.
  • Cook three dinners at home each week with leftovers for lunch.
  • Practice yoga and meditation more often.
  • Show compassion for myself every day, especially when things don't go the way I plan.
What are your promises to yourself?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Treat #2: Kettle Corn

This morning when I arrived at the office, there were large bags of kettle corn strewn all over the break room counter. At first I just walked away since I didn't want as much as was in an individual bag.

However, realizing that I didn't have to take an entire bag, I went back and got a paper bowl of kettle corn. Probably about a cup and a half to two cups.

I later discovered that this was left over from an turkey giveaway event that several coworkers participated in the night before. It's a pretty cool charity event that my office has helped with for many years. However, I don't know where the kettle corn itself is from.

The kettle corn was slightly sweet with a little salty flavor. The popcorn was fresh and I enjoyed the treat.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holiday Treat #1: Chocoholic Cupcake

B Cupcakes Chocoholic Cupcake
These actually arrived in the office last night at 6pm, so I was surprised to see a chocolate one left this morning when I arrived. I quickly grabbed it and set it aside for lunch.

Let's start with the decoration. Simple and elegant. I could have done without the sugar flower on top. Isn't really tasty or necessary.

The cake itself is a rich dark chocolate and very moist. The butter cream frosting was also chocolate and super sweet, but not bad. It balanced with the cake.

Bonus, served with a wooden spork so you can make sure that you get a bit of frosting with every bite.

Final verdict: worth every bite!