Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Treat #2: Kettle Corn

This morning when I arrived at the office, there were large bags of kettle corn strewn all over the break room counter. At first I just walked away since I didn't want as much as was in an individual bag.

However, realizing that I didn't have to take an entire bag, I went back and got a paper bowl of kettle corn. Probably about a cup and a half to two cups.

I later discovered that this was left over from an turkey giveaway event that several coworkers participated in the night before. It's a pretty cool charity event that my office has helped with for many years. However, I don't know where the kettle corn itself is from.

The kettle corn was slightly sweet with a little salty flavor. The popcorn was fresh and I enjoyed the treat.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holiday Treat #1: Chocoholic Cupcake

B Cupcakes Chocoholic Cupcake
These actually arrived in the office last night at 6pm, so I was surprised to see a chocolate one left this morning when I arrived. I quickly grabbed it and set it aside for lunch.

Let's start with the decoration. Simple and elegant. I could have done without the sugar flower on top. Isn't really tasty or necessary.

The cake itself is a rich dark chocolate and very moist. The butter cream frosting was also chocolate and super sweet, but not bad. It balanced with the cake.

Bonus, served with a wooden spork so you can make sure that you get a bit of frosting with every bite.

Final verdict: worth every bite!

The Food Catastrophe

Now is the time of year when my office is inundated with food. Donuts, chocolate, snacks and gift baskets. Rarely does someone send us oranges or other healthy options. It's tough to avoid or say no to the temptation.

We generally say that you gain at least ten pounds during the weeks between Halloween and New Year because the consultants, product reps and contractors choose this time to show their appreciation or make their name known. I wonder if they could spread it out a little to the rest of the year?

My mom had an idea that I should act as a food critic for all the goodies that come into the office. If I don't have time to photograph and write about the food, I don't have time to eat it. This will apply to all non-meal foods.

In addition, it will actually make me decide if I really like something I'm eating. If I don't like it, why finish it, right?

Seems like a fun adventure, so let's see how this experiment goes. What holiday treat are you looking forward to?